PhD Scholarship – Center for Subjectivity Research – University of Copenhagen

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30 June 2017

PhD Scholarship – Center for Subjectivity Research

The Center for Subjectivity Research, Department of Media, Cognition, and Communication, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark, invites applications for one PhD fellowship affiliated with the project “You and We: Second-person Engagement and Collective Intentionality.”

The three-year position is to be filled by 1 January 2018.  
Description of the project  
A significant number of early phenomenologists (including Husserl, Stein, Scheler, Walther and later Schutz) assigned an important role to the dyadic I-thou relation in their analyses of we-intentionality and communal experiences. The parallels to Buber’s philosophy of dialogue (Buber 1923) might seem obvious, but the systematic focus of the phenomenologists was rather different. Currently, there is no comprehensive account available of these early investigations. The aim of the PhD project is to harvest and systematically reconstruct the early phenomenological writings on the I-thou relation in a way that will highlight and assess their relevance for contemporary discussions of the second-person perspective and collective intentionality.  
The candidate must have solid German skills (since many of the central texts remain untranslated). Prior familiarity with phenomenology is also a requirement.  
More information about the Center for Subjectivity Research can be found at 
For further information please see below and be advised that the Faculty of Humanities reserve the right to administratively dismiss applications which do not adhere to the formal requirements.  
Please note that the project proposal including the study plan, figures etc. must not exceed 12,000 characters.

To see the full version of the call please follow this link