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University Teaching Methods

The aim of this PhD course is to support and stimulate the development of teaching competencies of PhD students and prepare them for the educational assignments (teaching) they will encounter during their PhD studies and further on.

Course objective

The aim of the course is that participants develop their competencies in and ability to on a didactically reflected base to substantiate and motivate, plan, give and evaluate lectures, teach classes, supervise and examine students. This implies that course participants become able to:

  • Formulate, based upon the curriculum, the objective of a teaching session, and select and structure the content
  • Design and carry through the dissemination of relevant knowledge, including facilitating the interaction with and between students and plan relevant activities within and outside the teaching sessions
  • Understand the function of supervision and be able to describe the demands and scope of own supervision, and make a transparent evaluation and assessment of the students' work

Course content

The course is an introduction to university teaching methods, didactics and pedagogic with special focus on didactics in the humanities, including key didactical concepts such as: objective, content, form and media etc.

The course also focuses on:

  • Research-based teaching - an interpretation - and how to implement it in practice?
  • What are the central competencies of the university teacher and how are they developed
  • Didactical analysis of the Phd student's own teaching: objectives and aims, content and teaching method through concepts and exercises. The didactical analysis is combined with exercises in planning and giving lectures/teaching classes, where participants give lectures to each other and receive collegiate feed-back
  • Supervision and examination: Different functions of supervision are presented and are combined with case studies based on selected practical issues

Read the course programme here

Course preparation and product


Biggs J. & C. Tang (2007): Teaching for Quality Learning at University (3. ed.), Berkshire England: Open University Press. (Chapter 1-8)
Brabrand, Claus (2006): Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding,Århus, Aarhus University Press.

  • Watch the film Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding
  • Read the course literature
  • Prepare a 15 minute teaching sequence (from a lecture you have given or will give soon) for the trial lecture sessions
  • Based on a teaching or supervision sequence that you have been or will be responsible for, formulate 2 or 3 issues, which you will examine more closely through didactical analysis
  • As a product and precondition for the issue of a course certificate a didactical analysis of your own teaching practice is to be submitted on December 2nd 2011 ( 4 pages + references)

Lecturer: Associate professor Søren Kruse, Department of Teaching and Pedagogic (DPU), Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University

ECTS: 3,8

Time: 14 - 18 November, 2011
Please note that there are no lectures or classes on november 15th. November 15th is to be spent working on the course written assignment

Place: 23.2.39 (New KUA), secondary class room 23.2.47 

Registration deadline: October 10, 2011 

Maximum number of participants: 24