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The tasks of the PhD coordinators

In every department a PhD coordinator is appointed by the head of department after consultation with the head of PhD school. The PhD coordinator refers to the head of department and is responsible for the PhD area at the department. The PhD coordinator and the supervisor of the PhD student are the most important contacts for the PhD student at the department.

The PhD coordinator has the following tasks until further notice:

1) To contribute to creating a good PhD environment at the department - including:

  • To receive new PhD students in collaboration with the department and the PhD school
  • to promote the PhD students' well-being at the department
  • to organise pre-defences, departmental seminars and master-classes
  • to facilitate a group performance interview (GPDR) each year in the month of March for the PhD students at the department.

2) To function as a link between the department and the PhD school - including:

  • To facilitate start-up dialogue meetings for PhD students with external employment and PhD students involved in inter-faculty collaboration projects
  • to participate in the development of the PhD School's course program through planning and organization of relevant PhD courses
  • to facilitate the regular evaluation meetings between PhD supervisor and PhD student
  • to prescreen the PhD students' evaluation reports within distribution to the PhD school and on behalf of the department to follow up on the approval process after the submission of the evaluation report
  • to organise, in cooperation with the head of studies, the best use of the PhD students' teaching competences and resources
  • to approve payments regarding the PhD student's travel activities
  • to assist the head of department in establishing assessment committees for the submitted PhD dissertations.

3) To contribute to external partnerships and career planning - including:

  • To contribute to and promote the department's collaboration with external partners with regards to the PhD area in cooperation with the PhD school
  • to facilitate career guidance for the PhD students within the department's specific academic areas.

The PhD coordinators at the seven departments have regular meetings at least once per semester in order to exchange experiences and coordinate. The head of PhD school is responsible for facilitating the meetings as well as coordinating other PhD related issues across the departments.

If you have any questions in connection to your PhD studies concerning any of the above, please contact your PhD coordinator.