Application requirements

When applying for a PhD scholarship, please always follow the directions given in the announcement and in the electronic application system PeopleXS, through which all applications must be submitted. Applications sent by mail or e-mail will not be accepted.

Qualifying Master's degrees

A Master's degree of two years (120 ECTS) or the equivalent is required to enrol as a PhD student in Denmark. Applicants for PhD enrolment must have submitted their Master's thesis at the time of the application deadline, to the extent the thesis forms part of their Master's programme. The PhD Study Board and Head of PhD School determine whether or not a Master's degree is equivalent to 120 ECTS. The Master's degree must be relevant in proportion to the announced scholarships.

All applicants with foreign qualifications will be assessed by The Danish Agency for Higher Education if their research project is considered to meet the qualification requirements for a Danish PhD scholarship. It is the Faculty of Humanities that requests the assessment. 

Language requirements

Excellent communication skills in English is considered essential and applicants should speak and write academic English fluently. The PhD Administration may ask applicants to document their proficiency in English at any time during the recruitment process if this is considered necessary.


You are required to enclose a number of documents in your application. The following documents must be included:

  • Your master diploma and transcripts of records. In case you have not obtained your diploma by the application deadline, please include a certified statement from your university that declares that you have been awarded the master degree.
  • Documentation of the extent of your master program (years of full time studies)
  • Your bachelor diploma and transcripts of records

As an applicant you enhance your chances further by documenting:

  • excellent academic results
  • peer-reviewed publications
  • extra-curricular experience of relevance to the proposed project i.e. through a job
  • experience with conference planning and/or other research activities
  • relevant contacts with researchers or universities abroad that specialise in your field
  • arrangements with a relevant research department for a stay abroad

Please note: As a general rule, letters of recommendation will be ignored.

For applicants from a university within the European Union:

The PhD Centre would appreciate, if you include the document called "Diploma Supplement" to your application. This document states among other things, the number of ECTS points granted throughout the bachelor and master programme studies. The "Diploma Supplement" will facilitate the evaluation procedure and shorten the process.

For applicants from the People's Republic of China:

For Chinese applicants, a CADGEDC certificate is needed. The China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Evaluation Committee (CADGEEC) is a special committee subordinate to the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Society. 


You can send in your application in the following languages: English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. If your MA diploma and/or examination records are in another language than English, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish, please include a translation into either of these languages in your application. The translation of diplomas/certificates and transcripts must be made by or approved by either:

  • a Danish state-authorised translator and interpreter
  • the embassy or consulate of the country where the original document
    was issued or where the translation was made or
  • a Danish consulate/embassy.