Application procedure – University of Copenhagen

Application procedure

Writing the PhD application

  1. Make a note of relevant calls and deadlines.

  2. Prepare a PhD proposal. The PhD proposal must be related to an advertised call. Project proposals that are not related to a relevant call will not be considered for a scholarship.

  3. Prepare a work schedule for the PhD project. The schedule must contain a timetable (study plan) for the 3-year study period.

  4. Find the relevant information here on the PhD Studies website. Read more about Requirements & qualifications.

  5. Prepare all relevant documentation. Make sure that all information about your educational background is documented correctly.

  6. Choosing the relevant research department. Each department has appointed a PhD coordinator in order to handle questions and concerns from current and potential PhD Students. Thus, questions concerning the academic profile of the department and research-related questions concerning your project proposal should all be directed at the PhD coordinator in the relevant department. See the list of the PhD coordinators.

  7. Choosing a principal supervisor. Your principal supervisor must be from the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen and only professors and associate professors can act as supervisors. If you do not already know of a potential supervisor, you can contact the PhD coordinator within the department and ask for advice. You do not need prior consent from a supervisor in order to apply, but we do encourage applicants to contact the departments when applying. Applications without the name of a supervisor are also accepted.

    For some it can be relevant to have an external supervisor, but you do not need to apply for that before you have received a scholarship.

  8. Submit the application. All applications must be submitted through the on-line application system PeopleXS. Please notice: Applications submitted after the application deadline will not be considered for a scholarship.

  9. Assessment procedure. After the application deadline, assessment timetables for all calls will be advertised on this page. The timetables give you information about the key dates in the assessment procedure, eg. the hearing of relevant parties and final reply on selected proposals.

Timetables for the assessment of individual PhD scholarships

  • The new timetable will be announced after the next application deadline.