Types of PhD scholarships

In terms of enrolment, all students are treated equally, irrespective of how the programme is funded.





Students who do not apply in response to the Faculty of Humanities’ scholarship advertisements must find external funding to cover the enrolment fee, supervision, assessment and other project expenses – including any travel costs – as well as a salary and living costs for the 36 months of the PhD programme.

The funding may be from either private or public-sector sources, e.g. the Industrial PhD scheme run by Innovation Fund Denmark.  

Prospective students are responsible for researching their own external funding options. 

Normally students with external funding are  also employed externally in a private or public company, in which case a co-operation agreement must be drawn up.

However, for external appointees, individual agreements are drawn up between the place of employment, the department and the PhD School.

Prospective students with external funding are welcome to apply for enrolment as a PhD student at any time. 
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Another option is to submit a thesis and pay a fee for assessment without having been enrolled at the PhD School.

See the PhD Order 15 (2).
See the PhD School’s guidelines for submission under 15, subsection 2.

Please contact the PhD School about any other questions about financing PhD studies.