Applicants with external funding

You can apply for enrolment as a PhD student if you can provide documentation of external funding for your PhD project. In addition to your project description, CV and documentation of your previous exams, you must submit documentation showing that the external funding covers your salary, living expenses and study related expenses for 3 years.

If you wish to be employed at the Faculty of Humanities with an external grant, you must also apply for employment at the faculty. However, if you wish to be employed externally, a cooperation agreement with the department, the PhD school and your workplace must be drawn up.

Tuition fee when enrolling with external funding

The PhD School charges DKK 216,000 for enrolment. This covers courses, supervision and assessment, defense and printing the dissertation.

Preliminary approval of enrolment

If you intend to apply for external funding, you should always contact the relevant department to find out about the opportunities for having an accommodation agreement issued.

If an enclosed preliminary approval of enrolment from the PhD school is required, you must first contact the research support assistant at the relevant department with regards to get an accommodation agreement issued. If the department agrees to accommodate you and thus recommends your enrolment, the department will send a letter of commitment to the PhD school, which will then assess the application with regards to enrolment.

Remember to plan ahead! There are time-consuming workflows and often internal deadlines that must be observed which means that the whole process might last up to 3 weeks.