Submission without prior enrolment (PhD Order section 15 (2))

If you want to have a PhD thesis assessed and you are not enrolled at the Faculty of Humanities' PhD School at the submission deadline, you must apply to the PhD Committee for permission to submit it, in accordance with the PhD Order 15 (2). This applies if a previous enrolment has ended and if you have never been enrolled in the school. Please use this form. This application must be enclosed with the thesis when it is submitted (see below).

Payment of assessment and defence

If the PhD Committee approves the thesis for assessment without prior enrolment (PhD Order 15 (2)), then you, as the author, must cover the costs of the assessment and defence. However, this does not apply if you were enrolled at the Faculty throughout the time of your PhD studies and discharged less than four years ago.

At the Faculty of Humanities the assessment costs DKK 35,000 and the oral defence DKK 10,000.

From section 5.10 in the Guidebook for the PhD programme at the Faculty of Humanities you will see that one may apply the Dean for exemption from these expenses. The Dean has delegated this decision to the Head of PhD School. The application for exemption must be sent to the Head of PhD School by way of the PhD Administration.

Submission of thesis

If the faculty accepts to receive your thesis, you must submit your thesis electronically to the PhD administration via our caseworker system PhD Planner. You will receive an email from the PhD administration when it is possible to upload your thesis.

You will be able to keep up with the assessment in PhD Planner.

The total volume of the thesis, incl. foot and endnotes, must include a summary in English and Danish (max. one A4 page each) and must not exceed 100,000 words excl. bibliography, catalogues and appendices. It must also include a summary in English and Danish (max. one A4 page each).

When submitting your thesis, be sure to bring the following documents duly signed:

If the thesis includes articles or draft articles co-authored with others, make sure that you bring the following documents duly signed:

The thesis and the compulsory documentation must be uploaded in PhD planner.

During the assessment process the PhD Administration will forward Word and PDF versions of the thesis to the members of the assessment committee.

All PhD theses will be submitted for screening by the PhD adminsitration before it is submitted for assessment.

Once the committee has recommended your thesis for defence you must submit one copy of the thesis in loose-leaf to the PhD Administration. The administration will make sure that the thesis is printed as a hard copy (black and white, 25 copies). 11 copies will be given to you and the rest will be sent to the assessment committee, the leader of the defence, the principal supervisor, the Royal Library and the department library.