What does being a PhD student involve

Generally speaking, a PhD is a three-year research programme open to students who have successfully completed their 2 years master’s degree (120 ECTS). The PhD students study at the PhD School, in the research environments in the departments, and under the supervision of an academic supervisor at associate professor or professor level. The programme culminates in the submission of a PhD thesis and a public defence of it. The Faculty of Humanities confers the PhD degree.

Please be aware that enrolment is not synonymous with employment. Enrolment is based on admission to the PhD School, but PhD students receive a salary because they are employed by the faculty, not because they are enrolled in the PhD School. Technically, this means you are enrolled as a PhD student and employed as a PhD scholar.

What is a PhD programme

The main point of PhD programmes is to train good researchers. PhD students complete an independent project that culminates in a written thesis and a public defence. Teaching, knowledge dissemination and study at research institutions abroad are other important elements of the programme. The programme is subject to the provisions of the PhD Order (pdf).
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What does employment as a PhD scholar entail

You can be employed in a variety of ways, e.g. on the basis of a job advertisement or as a result of a funding grant, or externally employed by a public or private company.

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