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The PhD School is involved in many different forms of collaboration in Denmark and abroad – through networks, consortia and partnerships –  on courses, conferences, workshops, guest PhD students and joint degrees. We co-operate with partners at other universities, as well as with public- and private-sector companies and organisations.

Working with companies

One way in which the PhD School works with companies is via the Industrial PhD scheme, under which students are enrolled in the PhD School but employed by a company. The results of the research conducted are used by the company, enhancing its development potential and generating growth potential.

As well as benefitting from access to highly qualified manpower and closer relationships with new and existing partners at the University, the company gains access to:

  • a research project, the processes and outcomes of which support the company’s activities
  • international knowledge networks at the highest level
  • specialist knowledge within the field in question.

Academic embedding

PhD programmes are embedded in appropriate departments and their research environments. The various forms of collaboration involve PhD students and senior researchers to varying degrees.

The PhD School facilitates contact to relevant researchers, but potential partners are also welcome to contact the relevant department, via the PhD coordinator, to hear more about the possibilities of establishing collaboration.

Opportunities for collaboration

PhD programmes

The PhD School also welcomes proposals from external partners who would like to collaborate on particular PhD projects. As well as improving relationships between business and the university, this provides opportunities to engage in specific forms of research and development aimed at generating new knowledge and opportunities for growth.

Students or companies who would like to work with the PhD School on a PhD programme should contact either the PhD School or the relevant PhD coordinator.

Courses and conferences

The PhD School also works with external partners on courses and conferences. Prospective partners with good ideas for courses or conferences should contact either the PhD School or the relevant PhD coordinator.

The PhD School invites guest lecturers and PhD students from abroad to teach on and take part in its PhD courses. A large number of international PhD students are currently enrolled in the Faculty. We also run courses in collaboration with partners at institutions abroad, and arrange courses, seminars and workshops in other countries. Most of the courses, seminars, etc. are in English.


External partners are invited to share knowledge of how humanities PhD competencies are transferrable to careers outside of academia. The University of Copenhagen has launched a mentoring programme under which PhD students are assigned a mentor in a private or public company, NGO, etc. The mentors are hooked up with individual PhD students who have submitted an application and CV.

If you would like to be a mentor in the fall semester 2018, please write to as soon as possible. The deadline for application is 1 June 2018.

Read more about the PhD Mentor programme.