Nordic Capital Co-operation on PhD Education

The Nordic Capital Co-operation on PhD Education involves the faculties of humanities from the capitals of four of the Nordic countries:

The four faculties of humanities have signed a memorandum of understanding on PhD course co-operation, which among other things makes it possible for PhD students to take PhD courses at the other universities.

Furthermore, the faculties wish to strengthen the relationship between the institutions and in order to encourage cooperation between the institutions in the areas of education and research within the humanities, the institutions intend to explore areas of potential collaboration with respect to the following activities:

a. The exchange of visiting PhD students, faculty and post-doctoral fellows (in relation to PhD education and research);
b. Collaborative PhD education and research training;
c. The exchange of invitations to attend scholarly courses, seminars, meetings and conferences e.g. via the course websites of each institution;
d. Joint courses, seminars, workshops and summer schools;
e. Supervision of theses
f. Pre-defense workshops
g. Other possible areas of cooperation in relevant research areas

PhD programs

Here is a list of the involved PhD programs at the four faculties:


Here is a list of links to the course websites of the involved PhD programs:

For further information about the Nordic Capital Co-operation on PhD education, please contact head of PhD school Dorthe Gert Simonsen.