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The Psycho-Politics of Self-Exposure

The course runs over 2 times 3 days and analyzes empirical-practical cases of self-presentation and self-exposure in research. The course is an exceptional chance to discuss your research with the two grand old ladies Frigga Haug and Emily Martin within human sciences.

Part 1 will be with Frigga Haug, Part 2 with Emily Martin.

Aim: Developing students’ capacities in dealing critically with the theme and with approaches to understanding it.

Content: The course analyzes empirical-practical cases of self-presentation and self-exposure in research. We will be presenting and reflecting on the implications (legitimacy, purposes, forms, effects, ethics) of self-presentation and self-exposure within various research practices, as well as (similarities and differences to) other practices such as arts, therapy, education, media and politics - and, not least, hybrids and cross-overs between these practices. We have well-known examples already in Frigga Haug’s collective memory work and Emily Martin’s work on Bipolar Expeditions. More locally, Mørck and Nissen have worked with professionals and users who develop new technologies of self-presentation. Proposed conceptual tools are from trans-disciplinary social theory and humanities.

Target group: PhD students in the humanities and social sciences.

Language: English

Form: Besides academic presentations, the course will take up relevant cases from the research practices and networks of teachers and students.

Students are encouraged to contact Line Lerche Mørck or Morten Nissen to suggest case material from their own projects that we might use.

Students’ cases will be presented in the form of interviews and ‘reflecting team’ discussions.


Frigga Haug,
Emily Martin,
Morten Nissen,
Line Lerche Mørck,

Dates and time:
8-10 May and 11-13 September 2017
9 am – 6 pm

DPU, Campus Emdrup, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen NV
8 - 10 May: building A, room A100a
11 - 13 September: room to be announced

Application: Please read more about the course and apply for a spot on the course via this link: