Introductory Course for new PhD students

There are many things to prepare for and get acquainted with when starting the PhD programme. Therefore, we conduct a two-day introductory course for new PhD students each semester. The next course will be conducted in March and April 2021. You will meet the head of the PhD school and your PhD colleagues, who start at the same time as you, and you will receive a lot of useful information together with a course on responsible conduct of research.

The first day of the course will be conducted next time on 8 March 2021. On this day you will receive information about the PhD programme at your faculty. The first part of the course involves an individual introduction for you and other PhD students from your faculty and provides information about the PhD programme at your faculty. After the introduction, newly enrolled PhD students from the faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities, Law and Theology gather for a joint programme which involves topics that are relevant to everyone.

The second day of the course will also be conducted in April 2021 (the specific date will be announced here as soon as it is scheduled) and will include a course on responsible conduct of research. The aim of this course is to introduce PhD students to a number of basic concepts, principles and norms regarding responsible behaviour within research. This will enable PhD students to understand and reflect on ethical issues and requirements according to their research.


The final course programme (including room number, reading list etc.) will be sent via email as soon as possible.


The course is rated at 1.5 ECTS for both course days.

You will receive a course certificate once you have completed the course.

We are looking forward to meeting you!