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Research Integrity Fall 2018 (mandatory)

The aim of this course is to introduce PhD students from the humanities to a range of basic concepts, principles and norms concerning responsible conduct in research and academia. This will enable students to understand and reflect upon ethical questions and requirements pertaining to their research, but also to understand the wider issues pertaining to research integrity.  

The course is mandatory for all PhD students. It will focus on basic concepts and principles of good scientific practice, institutions and principles of research ethics.           

Readings: Readings for the course will be made available in electronic form. Please note that not all texts for the course are included in the compendium.

Preparation: Participants need to prepare a short written description (in English) of their research project including reflections about what they consider to be the most important challenges regarding research integrity (approx. 1 page). The description should be mailed to the no later than October 11th, 2018. All of the descriptions will be distributed to all course participants prior to the course and is part of the readings for the course.

Maximum number of PhD students: 25.

Teachers and organizer: Klemens Kappel (KK).

Place/Venue: Karen Blixens Vej 4, Room: TBA

ECTS: 1,1.

NB: The course is mandatory for all PhD students.  



9.00 -   9.15

Coffee and tea

Introduction and presentation

9.15 -   10.45

Concepts and principles of good scientific practice

Discussion of cases and challenges

10.45 -   11.00


11.00 -   12.30

Concepts, principles, and practices of research ethics

Discussion of cases and challenges

12.30 -   13.30


13.30 -   15.00

Institutions and documents

Discussion of cases and challenges

15.00 -   16.00

General discussion and evaluation